Langa Hockey Club Support

Pinelands Hockey Club supported Langa Hockey Club this year by donating money raised to aid their growing group of provincial representatives to go on tour! THANK YOU to all who supported the fundraisers and events at the club this year to allow us to support these deserving hockey players!

Official thank you letter from Langa Hockey Club- view here See below the heartfelt letters from these talented juniors. It is our pleasure to support such a worthy cause.

Western Province representatives at Pinelands Hockey Club.

We would like to congratulate and extend our best wishes to all those who were selected as SA/WP representatives for their respective tours.  We are in the process of establishing a player’s fund for our SA and WP representatives and we hope that this fund will grow and benefit our players in the future.


SA Masters (World Cup in Spain from 25 July-5 August)

  • Juliet Roach (Ladies 40+)
  • Nadya Buchanan (Ladies 40+)
  • Michelle Hoben (Ladies 50+)

WP Masters (8-12 August in Durban)

  • Megan King (Ladies A-Phillies)
  • Natasha Clarkson (Ladies B-Stormettes)
  • Sarie Opperman (Ladies B-Stormettes)
  • Cindy Dyamond (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Mel Grant (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Wendy Gray (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Michelle Hoben (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Careen McKinon (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Pippa Readhead (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Julie Schubart (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Tanya Woolmer (Ladies C-Lites)
  • Julie Beamish  (Ladies C-Lites)

WP U21 B 

  • Jessica Rossouw

WP U18 A & B (24-29 June in Pietermaritzburg,Durban)

  • Jacky Sissons (WP U18A)
  • Georgia Dix-Peek (WP U18 A)
  • Alice Gwynne-Evans (WP U18 A)
  • Justin Grundlingh (Coach-WP U18 A)
  • Leanne Langeveldt (Physiotherapist)
  • Stacey-Lee Gedult( Coach- WP U18 B)

WP U18 South (6-9 July in Bloemfontein)

  • Hannah Neuhoff

WP U16 (6-11 July in Pietermaritzburg,Durban)

  • Sasha Guiririch (WP U16 A)
  • Carli Roos (WP U16B)

WP U16 South (6-9 July in Bloemfontein)

  • Gabriella Lovric

WP U14 South (27 June-1 July in Bloemfontein)

  • Manisha Desia
  • Bella Dix-Peek
  • Gabi Stevenson
  • Lara Lowe

WP U13 A (1-4 July in Pietermaritzburg,Durban)

  • Stella van Schalkwyk (WP U13 A)
  • Dana Rose Varney (WP U13 A)

WP U13 South and Helderberg (1-4 July in George)

  • Emma Clarke (WP U13 South)
  • Alexandra Arendse (WP U13 South)
  • Holly Brand (WP U13 South)
  • Amber De Villiers (WP U13 South)
  • Kate Moore (WP U13 Helderberg)